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      Welcome to Sandra Polley’s Toy, Gift, Accessory & Dog Coat Patterns

I hope if you are looking at our website it is because you enjoy handicrafts, especially knitting.
All the patterns here are easy to follow and many can be made from quite small amounts of yarn.
From a treasured baby’s first Teddy to a cuddly sweater for your very best friend, you should find something here
There are lots of little toys and gifts to make for Christmas stockings, the charity fete or last minute present.





 Knitted Dog Coat Patterns

Knitted Dog coat patterns These very popular knitting pattern leaflets contain instructions to knit a collection of well fitting coats and sweaters for small dogs, Whippets and Greyhounds.

Knitted Teddy and Toy Books 

 There are two books for teddy bear collectors, doll lovers and keen toy knitters of all ages. 

Knitting & Sewing Patterns

With lots of single pattern leaflets to make Teddies, Dolls, Gifts and Accessories, there should be something here which will appeal to both children and adults.



 Please note – All these pattern leaflets are good quality and professionally produced. Please do not accept patterns which are copies or emails from other sources. Both are strictly forbidden. We would be very grateful if you would report any of these to us.