Welcome to the new website and my first ever blog! We have tried to keep the pages simple and clear, with an easier way to view my little creatures and designs and hopefully to buy a pattern!

Although this isn’t a dialogue blog I hope those knitters who like my patterns will have a read now and then.  When we have time we hope to put some small tutorials on the site to show how to thread – joint, sew in bead eyes etc. There will be free patterns also, with extra clothes for some of the dolls and Teddy’s and some workshop ideas to restyle the current toys. Nearly ready are a sleep suit for the tiny nursery dolls and a small cabled bottle vase.

Just got to try and upload this now!

Sandra x


Little lost cub. From Foxy and Badger pattern

21 November 2014

Free Yarn

I went to a large charity shop last week, called Emmaus, they raise money to help people who find themselves homeless for one reason or another.  It was like an Alladins cave!

Anyway, to get to the point, I found a cone of 4 ply light blue yarn in a drawer and thought I might see how it knitted up one of the little keepsake gifts from my new pattern.  It made the most delightful tiny ted! ideal as a keepsake gift for a new baby’s nursery.  I am going to send it in a tissue lined gift box to a relative who has just had a little boy.

There is plenty of yarn on the cone so I will send a skein out free (enough to make two teddy’s) with every Miniature Gifts and Keepsakes pattern bought until it runs out.  As soon as I have time I will photograph some of the little Teds knitted in different colours.

There is a Christmas Craft show at the Atkins Centre in Hinckley, Leicestershire tomorrow, it is always a good, well attended event and the one craft show that I have a table at.  so, better get everything together.

Happy knitting!

8 February 2015

Apologies to anyone trying to order the new Miniature Gifts and Keepsakes pattern, the link was broken to order it.  I think it ok now and the free yarn is still available.  We are going to try and upload the free mini vase pattern today, just have to change the photograph format.


3 April 2015

Apologies to anyone who may have been trying to email us. We have recently had the most exhausting and complicated house move and also lost my email account. Everything should be ok now. Do email or telephone if you have any problems ordering or understanding any of the patterns.

Now that I have a bit more time I will finish off a free sleeping bag pattern for the five inch Berenguer dolls and put it up for anyone to copy or download, whichever works. Also a small bottle vase if I can manage to upload that without too much difficulty.

The 4 ply blue yarn is still available free with KP26, the Keepsake pattern as there is still plenty left.

Happy Easter to all



21 May 2015

The first free pattern is up at last. There will be plenty more in the coming months. They may not be error free but hopefully manageable.


Have done a couple of knitting workshops this spring. The first on 18 th April at ‘The Knitting Corner’ in Litchfield, a lovely shop in a beautiful setting just outside the town centre. The Mill at Curborough Lane is still a working farm but they have turned many old outbuilding into small retail units and there is a café/restaurant selling food from snacks and ice creams to full lunches. An attractive place and well worth a visit if you go to Litchfield .

There were eight ladies in the workshop and we made  the tiny teddy from the Miniature Gifts and Keepsakes pattern as it could be finished in a day. I was disappointed with myself for forgetting to order the key rings in time but I expect they have all got some by now. Doreen and the ladies were very welcoming and friendly and I like to think we had a nice day, I certainly did and as always the little bears all looked different and very cute!

The next workshop was at Yarn On the Square at Ely in Cambridgeshire, owned and run by Ginette and Christine. Another lovely shop, wish it was my lounge!  A drop in one this time for just the morning and three ladies had a go at the mini Ted and had almost finished them by lunchtime. Maureen also needed a bit of help sewing up her dog hand puppet from my second book, which we managed between us. Julie has since sent me a photograph of hers, really cute! he will definitely be going into the ‘rogues gallery’. She thinks she might make some more for charity fund raising.


Leicester Market Yarn Shop is back!

How lovely that my first ever customers are back in Leicester Market! I nervously took my first half dozen patterns to them about ten years ago when they had a large yarn shop in the indoor market. They bought some straight away and asked if I would knit a sample of each character. Over the following years they built up a collection of my toys for display and supported my micro business in any way they could.

Sadly they retired and sold the business in 2003.  Sue and Vic Lee bought the business  and they also continued to sell my patterns and books. Eventually Sue and Vic also retired leaving a huge gap in the knitting and crochet market in Leicester.

Happily ever after, we hope, Sandra and Tony are back in Leicester Market, just on Wednesdays for now. So get your patterns out and shoes on knitters and crafters of Leicestershire and head for the market on Wednesdays.

They have lots of lovely yarns for making your winter woollies and great news for me, they are going to put some of my new characters on display and will be selling my new patterns.


Little Ted’s in ‘Simply Knitting’

Talking of new patterns, the mini Ted’s from my Gifts and Keepsakes pattern (KP26) are featured in ‘Simply Knitting’ this month and I am very excited that I am going to be working with them on a number of my little toys over the next few months.  Better get my needles out!


10 May 2017 – Starting the new Rogues gallery

Only started today so not much work has been done yet.  It would be great if you could send in pics of your knitted creations or your doggy best friends new sweater or coat. I will try and find the names of the handsome two boys so far.

22 November 2017

Please excuse the appearance of this site for the next few days, it is still under some restruction. If you have any queries or problems do let me know.

I hope you like the new festive mice knitting pattern, KP02. The previous number two (Bertie) is still available from the book “The Knitted Teddy Bear”.


January 2018

Although Bertie has been discontinued as a paper pattern he can be emailed if anyone would like to print off the pattern themselves. The cost will be the same as all other patterns. Email us if you require this service.

Look out for more clothes for the new Poppy and Ben (KP02) pattern coming soon as a free supplement. They will have a ski jacket, trousers and hat. The pattern will be added in about a week.