Knitted coat for Duke and Daisy

This little coat should fit both the sewn and the knitted dog. The length can be adjusted easily during the making if required.


Oddment of double knitting yarn

1 Pair 3¼ mm and 4 mm knitting needles

5 shirt buttons

Medium size press fastener

Special abbreviations

Yfwd – Bring yarn to front of work before knitting the next st

With 3¼ mm needles, cast on 24 sts

First row – Inc in first and last st 26 sts

Next row – K

Rep last 2 rows twice   30 sts

Change to 4 mm needles

Next row – K4, P to last 4 sts, K4

Cont working straight until coat measures 14 cm, ending on a wrong side row

Divide for neck

K 10, K2 tog, turn and work on these 11 sts only for now (the other sts can stay on your needle but remember not to knit them)

Next row – P to last 4sts, K4

Next row – K to last 2 sts, K2 tog

Rep last 2 rows    9 sts

Work straight 10 rows. Cast off

With right side facing, leave the next 6 sts on a holder for now for centre back neck.

Left side – With right side facing, rejoin yarn to remaining sts, K2 tog, K to end

Next row – K4, P to end

Next row – K2 tog, K to end   6 sts Rep last 2 rows once

Work ten rows straight. Cast off


Underside – With 3¼ mm needle, cast on 16 sts

First row – Inc in first st, K to last st inc 1   18 sts

Next row – K

Rep last 2 rows   20 sts

Next (buttonhole) row – K2, yfwd, K2 tog K to end

Change to 4 mm needles

Next row – P to last 4 sts, K4

Continue working straight, keeping the 4 st border knitted in every row and make 2 more buttonholes in every 12th row from the last.

K 3 rows. Cast off

To sew on underside

Lay top part of coat out with wrong side facing. Matching the top edge to the marker, position underside on top with right side facing (both wrong sides are together).

Oversew plain long edge of underside to the inside edge of the garter st border (see diagram).

On right side of coat sew buttons on border edge to correspond with buttonholes.


Sewing underside to main coat

Collar – With 3¼ mm needles and right side facing, pick up and K 14 sts along right side of neck, K the  6 sts on safety pin, pick up and K14 sts along left side of neck   34 sts

Work in K1, P1 rib for 6 rows or more if you want a roll neck collar. Cast off in rib with a 4 mm needle.

Belt – With 3 mm needles, cast on 4 sts and work in garter st until belt measures 19 cm or until it fits snugly around the dogs waist with a small overlap for the press fastener. Sew a large press fasten correspondingly at ends of belt to fasten.

For decoration and to keep belt neat, sew 2 small buttons at centre back through both layers of coat and belt.


Copyright © Sandra Polley 2016