Small bottle vase

The frame is a small dumpy lager bottle.  Apart from being something a bit different, this little vase is ideal for travelling. The lager is drunk and the bottle fitted into its cover. A few wild flowers found to last a day or two then the bottle disposed of and the cover put away for the next occasion. The pattern includes a small mock cable. Instructions can easily be adapted to fit larger bottles.


1 x 25 or 50 grm ball double knitting cotton yarn in chosen colour

1 Pair size 2¾ mm knitting needles

330 ml dumpy glass lager bottle (or same size plastic drinks bottle)


 Special Abbreviations

Twist 2 – On next 2 sts, K the second st and then the first st.


Cast on 36 sts and work in g.st for 10 rows. Start pattern

Row 1 – (K2, P2) to end

Row 2 – As row 1

Row 3 (twist row) – K2, P2, (twist 2, P2, K2, P2) to end

Row 4– As row 1

Rep last 4 rows 7 times then row 1once more

G.st 3 rows (ending on a wrong side row)

Next row – (K2 tog, P2) to end

Next row – (K2, P1) to end

Next row – (K1, P2) to end

Next row – (K2, P1) to end

Rep last 2 rows 11 times. Cast off


To make up

With right sides together sew up the seams. Turn right way out and fit onto bottle, folding over ‘collar’.




Copyright © Sandra Polley 2011