Attaching joints

The plastic joints come in two halves. The shanked half is placed snugly inside the top of the limbs with the shank pushed through the stitching to the outside (be careful not to break any stitches while doing this). To find the exact spot where to push the shank through, first place the joint against the outside of the limb, right at the top, so that there is very little allowance around the sides then put a pin or marker at the centre of the joint.  Fix the joints into place, finish stuffing the limbs and close the gap with a ladderstitch.

All the joints are fixed into place on the body before it is stuffed, but it is a good idea to quickly stuff temporarily for now while you try out your joint positions. You could try using a thin knitting needle pushed through the limbs and body to see how they will look. Push the shanks carefully through the stitching of the body then if you change your mind and pull them out the holes will close up and you can try again. When you are happy with the look of them and Teddy can sit comfortably, remove the body stuffing and push the washers firmly home onto the shanks. Now stuff firmly and close the final seam.


*Safety –Knitted bears with safety joints and eyes are not suitable for children under 3 yrs.


Inserting eyes

You can use either teddy looped back eyes or small beads. They are both inserted in the same way.

Cut a piece of strong black thread about 15 – 20cm long (depending on size of bear) and thread one end through an ‘eye’ and then onto your tapestry needle. Push the needle down into the chosen position of one eye and bring it out at the back of the neck, pulling a couple of inches of thread, be careful not to lose the bead off of the other end of the thread at this time. Rethread the other end of the thread and push the needle down into the head very close to the first entry hole, again coming out at the back of the neck, and securing the eye. Do the same with the other eye, then pull each pair of threads to embed the eyes a little way into the head, knot them together securely, trim and sink the ends into the head out of site.

You may have to experiment with the position of the eyes until you are happy with the look of your bear.

Note – Do not use this method of attaching eyes in toys meant for small children.