The Knitted Teddy Bear

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 This book is for teddy bear lovers and keen knitters of all ages.

Whether you are an experienced knitter or a relative beginner

you will find something here to inspire you to pick up your needles.

There are over 12 different teddy bear knitting patterns

from the classic hump-backed, long-armed collector’s bear

to a miniature baby bear.Each bear is shown knitted up

with an easy to-follow knitting pattern, instructions and

clear diagrams

The Knitted Teddy Bear

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 KP18   – Sandra Polley’s Knitted Toys


This book is packed full of toy projects to make for children of all ages. There are 16 delightful toy patterns. All of the patterns are easy to follow, with no complicated stiches or designs and many can be made from quite small amounts of yarn.

No branded yarns are given in the materials and as some toys will come in for quite a bit of rough play fairly cheap yarns can be used.

 There are a good mixture of toys for active play and lots of patterns and ideas for that lovingly made and unique gift.

 The clothes have also been kept to a simple design and are quick and easy to knit. There are reindeer and elves, perfect for decorating a Christmas tree, which can be quickly made for last minute gifts or stocking fillers. There are lots of little dressing up dolls, and a whole section of Sandra’s signature teddy bears in a selection of yarns and sizes.

KP18 – Knitted  Toys by Sandra Polley


£9.99 plus £2.00 postage

Please note that postage for this book will be considerably

higher for areas outside the UK. Email for details

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