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 KP01  – Annie and George
Please note patterns can only be emailed as pdf files to countries outside the UK. The £1.oo postage will still be added to cover extra time involved.
Annie-and-George These little thread – jointed bears can be quickly knitted using four ply or double knitting yarn. The pattern also includes a dress for Annie, which is not shown in the photograph.Height: 18 – 20 cm KP01 – £2.75

 KP02 – Bertie
Bertie Traditional type 24cm high teddy bear, suitable for children. knitted in double knitting with a wardrobe of clothes knitted in four ply. His limbs are thread – jointed, making him fully poseable. KP02 – £2.75


KP03 – The Craft Stall
Craft-Stall Lots of easy to make gifts for family and friends. Contains instructions to make a pretty little bird mobile in 4 ply (plus beads and sequins), Tea cosy (two sizes), Hot water bottle cover and bed socks in double knitting, (the socks are knitted on two needles) and a little dog bookmark in double knitting.

KP03 –  £2.75


KP04 – Fred and Alice
Fred-and-Alice These quirky little mice would be perfect as extra gifts peeping out of the top of a Christmas stocking. They are very easy to make (a bit fiddly to stuff, tweezers or forceps may be needed).  There is also a warm cable tea cosy to knit (to keep their tea warm) KP04 – £2.75


 KP08 – Hannah and Grace
 Dolls-250 Hannah wears a traditional long sleeved dress while Grace likes her up to date pink and white outfit. Both dolls and clothes are quickly knitted with double knitting yarn.

 KP08 – £2.75

 KP10 – Jamie and Duncan
Jamie-and-Duncan  These miniature bears are a bit fiddly to make up and require forceps or tweezers to turn and stuff them. They are ideal as collectors bears, mascots or pocket sized friends.Not suitable for small children.  KP10xxx – £2.75


KP11 – Jim and William 
Jim-and-William  Two traditional type bears. Jim is knitted in double knitting yarn and stands 30 cm high. Old William can be knitted in 3 or 4 ply and is only 15 cm high.  Both bears are thread jointed.  KP11 – £2.75


KP12  – The Nursery
nursery  A complete layette for 5, 8 and 10 inch baby dolls and a cosy Moses basket for the smallest sizes. The 5 inch dolls can be bought from the Early Learning Centre shop (inside Mothercare).  KP12 – £2.75

KP13 – Finger Puppets
finger-puppet-gloves  Gloves for adults or young children to act out three well known counting rhymes.  There are the ‘Five speckled frogs’, ‘Five little monkeys jumping on the bed’ and ‘Ten in a bed‘ etc  KP13 – £2.75

KP14 – Megan
MeganTeddy-  This little dressing up doll is quite easy to knit. Her clothes are an adaptation of the Welsh national costume. Different colours can be used for regional variations or she could be dressed as Hannah or Grace.  KP14 – £2.75

KP15 – Milly
Milly-basket  This cute little dog is very quick & easy to knit.  She comes complete with bed, coats, 2 blankets, bone & toys.   The thread-jointed legs make her fully poseable and her removable coats can be patterned or plain. She’s a great way to use up scraps of left over yarn.  KP15 – £2.75


KP16 – Molly and Jake
Mollie-and-Jake  These happy little gollies are quite easy to knit from oddments of either 4 ply or double knitting yarn. They both have removable clothes, giving potential for spare outfits of different colours  KP16 – £2.75

KP19 – Dolls Clothes
Dolls  Lots of easy to knit clothes for baby dolls from 30 cm to 46 cm (12 to 18 inches).All the clothes, except socks, are knitted in double knitting. The Teddy can be made in 4 ply or double knitting  KP19 – £2.75 

KP21 – Elizabeth and Daniel
Elizabeth-and-Daniel  This very popular pattern has instructions to knit a 6½ inch (17 cm) baby doll in double knitting yarn. The clothes, blanket and teddy are knitted in a 4 ply yarn. The little teddy also makes a great little gift as a keepsake or mascot.  KP2 – £2.75

KP22 – Matilda and Maisy
MatildaAndMaisy_KP22  These two glove puppets spend hours playing with their babies then put them to bed in their little sleeping bags. Lots of interactive play for children.  KP22 – £2.75


KP23 – Foxy and Badger
FoxyAndBadger_KP23  The glove puppets, babies and bedding from both patterns are roughly the same size, making bedding interchangeable. A whole den full of cubs can be made, adding to the fun and frolics  KP23 – £2.75


 KP24 – The Rapunzel Story
 The Rapunzel Story The children are rehearsing for the school production of Rapunzel with their pony ‘Murphy’.. There is a matchbox bed in the tower for Rapunzel and instructions to make the bedding. The pony ‘Murphy’ can also be knitted in double knitting as a gift for horse lovers.You will need two empty household matchboxes for the tower and two clear drinking straws (supermarket or drink cartons) for Murphy’s legs.Doll height:  KP24 – £2.75


KP25 – Anika and Dawn
 Anika and Dawn  Anika and Dawn are off to a friend’s summer garden party. As children are allowed they are taking the babies. Their partners have to work today and the older children are rehearsing a school production of Rapunzel.You will need an empty cleaning bottle for the Moses basket base (about 8 – 9 cm at base).  KP25 – £2.75


KP26 – Mini Gifts & Keepsakes
 Miniature Gifts and Keepsakes - Front  Cute and quickly knitted gifts and keepsakes to make for friends, fundraising events and children in this good value pattern.They can all be knitted in 4 ply or double knitting but for best results the Teddy and little dogs are made in 4 ply and the Owls and Pencil Critters in double knitting. I used a good quality cotton yarn for the little owls so that they stay looking fresh and new for longer.  KP26 – £2.75